ABOUT G for good

G For Good believes profits involving a social purpose represent a higher and newer form of capitalism – one that will enable society to advance more rapidly while allowing companies to grow even more.

G For Good Foundation

An advocacy arm that builds communities of social innovators (Gen G), delivers CSV projects and provokes social innovation knowledge for the wider society.

G For Good Company

An Impact Fund that invests and incubates social impacting companies with CSV business model and provides advisory services to businesses.

Why G For Good Was Founded?

Most leadership institutions around the world only provide trainings and lack the execution platform or support for their members to create lasting impact.


At G For Good, Gen G can:

  • grow and be inspired by global experts and influencers. 

  • start their own social innovations, scale up current businesses, or be a change catalyst within their current company to drive social change. 

Our Team


Adrian Cheng

“G For Good is a tribe gathered to reinject purpose and coolness into capitalism, coz doing good via business is cool, is the future.”

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Garrick Lau

“We belong to Gen-G, a generation who believes in doing good is a fundamental value for every individual, institution and business.”

Email: Garrick@doinggoodiscool.co

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Alyssa Berggren

“We, at G For Good, believe in the unique values of young people, strive to be a force for good whilst building solid businesses with purposes. Why? Coz #DoingGoodIsCool !”

Email: Alyssa@doinggoodiscool.co

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Jennifer Lee

“Everyone can strive a passion of doing good and doing business at the same time. G For Good is a place to help realizing it. Dream On!”

Email: Jennifer@doinggoodiscool.co

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Topics we focus on



Mental Wellness





and more...

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